Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Where flowers bloom

Here I go again
To a place I once was happy
To where I felt alive 
To where I knew I was free 

This place 
Where thoughts are new
Where light shines brighter 
Music surrounds you 
And life expands 
Beyond its limitations
Regardless of temptations

I'll sip coffee 
I'll drink wine 
I'll dive deep 
I was happy in this place
I will contemplate youth's face

I will knit joy with thick threads of hope
I will stride down its roads
A thousand dreams
Floating in and out of my mind

I will fluctuate
I'll soar
And at night I'll go to bed 
Peaceful, I will be,
Silent, in a room 
And I'll gaze through the window 
At this place where flowers bloom

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A shadow

A shadow
Not the light it once was  
Not the silvery shine of a dream
Not the golden gleam of hope
A dark silhouette 
A shadow

She did not pursue it anymore
But it followed her from afar
It reminded her 
Of things that almost were 
Yet never become 

A shadow 
The darkness projected 
By the light that it was 

A shadow, 

A memory 
A reminder 
Of all it could have been
And all it never was 
All it never  is

Thursday, May 26, 2016

O pior cego, aquele que tudo vê

Com o que você  se importa?
Fica aí no seu cantinho
Seus queixumes faz baixinho
Meio de lado
Nada público
Pra não parecer alterado

Com o que você se importa? 
Tanto pensamento
Profundo conhecimento
Dá pinta de reservado
Tudo escondido 
Tudo guardado

Mas é preciso entender
Você não pode perder
As possíveis concessões
Os eventuais favorecimentos
As potenciais benesses 
Que venham a aparecer

Não é cego
Permanece mudo
E se faz de morto
Pra tudo

Tudo afunda
Tudo afoga
Tudo se esvai
Mas sua única paixão 
É sua tábua de salvação

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Never there

Your country is going down the hole
You post pictures of cute dogs
We are all inside a time machine
Going back to the Dark ages
You're sharing videos of fluffy cats 

The poor are losing the little chance they had
Women are disappearing from spaces they'd finally started to share
Students are being beaten 
Struggling for the bit that should be naturally theirs

And you? 
You are there 
With your pictures by the pool 
Your forced fake whitened smile 
Your Instagram full of pictures of your drinks
You don't give a damn if the ship sinks

They are telling us not to think
They are telling us not to care
They are telling us all
And some of us are fighting back
But you don't count 
You never counted
You were never there

Sunday, May 1, 2016

No hope

There is no more hope
A tunnel takes you back 
To dark ages
To despair
To no more dreams
No more llusions

You will hear their forceful steps
The march of the blind haters
They will take you out of bed
They will pull you by the hair
They will drag you around the streets 
They will burn you in the fire

You will not mean a thing 
You may try to run
There will be no escape
No more
You can try to run 
Or you can hope for the rope